Jabali Engineering Inc (JEI) is a new way of doing things. The world is changing faster than it ever has. With the amount of data available at our fingertips, it is imperative that companies adapt to this new fast and efficient driven world. 

Established in 2010, we've been serving oil and gas clients with engineering and drafting services to put money back in their pocket. 

With over a century of combined experience, dedication, and passion to doing a great job, JEI is positioned to ensure our clients success.

Our Vision

Is a prosperous Canada

Our Mission

Is to provide value and ensure our clients succeed in their endeavours by going over and beyond

Our Goal

Is to ensure each and every customer is fully satisfied with our services by being flexible, transparent, and connected

Our Motto

Flexible, transparent, and connected. This is the what the market demands and we are happy to fulfill the request.

Our Culture

Culture defines how companies attract clients and staff. We spend approximately 90,000 hours of our lifetime at work and so a healthy work culture is important. Our cultural tenants are:

  1. Flexibility - we work with each other's schedule, life gets in the way
  2. Respect - from the secretary to the owner, we all are an integral piece of the puzzle for success
  3. Transparency - being open about how, why, what, and when we are doing tasks is important to ensure we all succeed
  4. Trust - building trust is a long process and takes patience, but it can be damaged much quicker, honesty is the best policy at Jabali Eng

Our Differentiator

Why would I choose Jabali Engineering?

  1. The first engineering company to go ecommerce! 
  2. The president doesn't manage or oversee projects, he places himself as one of the team members reporting to the project manager
  3. Employees know project profit margins, charge out rates, budgets, and schedule to create an open, transparent, learning, trustworthy and responsible environment
  4. Flexible work hours allow people within the company to tend to life matters when projects are in phases that do not require much attention (waiting on client feedback) and then when things get busy, work more hours, similar to a sea wave, not fighting it, but moving with it
  5. If there are not sufficient hours for everyone, the president gives his hours to others so they have enough to do a good job. Don't worry the president still gets his salary via the profit obtained from the employees chargeable hours (of course the lamborghinis aren't rolling in though)
  6. We have never laid off anyone throughout our entire history. We believe that we are a family and must do whatever it takes to ensure we help each other out

Our Story

It all started in 2010 when the founder was laid off at the tail end of a recession. Although it shook him up, he was determined to continue working as an engineer. He took some time off and spent it with family and friends, when he got a phone call from a former employer "Jabali, I heard you're out of a job", "Hey John, yeah that's right, you got something for me?", "Yeah I do, but only for one week, when can you get here?", "How about in 1 hr?", "Great!".

The founder began as a contractor, but slowly grew the company from there, building the first website while riding on the City of Calgary C-Train, hiring the first employee in 2012, and the rest is history. The passion to help others succeed fuelled the company to adapt to an ever evolving and morphing marketplace. 

In 2014 the founder realized that many oil and gas manufacturers / fabricators were being asked to complete engineering to their clients when they, in fact, were relying on the engineering companies to do the engineering. In a world where hyperspecialization is becoming more and more widespread, more engineering was being passed down to the 'experts' such as the vendor. 

Although, oil and gas vendors had a tremendous amount of practical experience, they did not always have the engineering horse power in house and hence a need was present. The company shifted directions to help out vendors from this predicament they were in, especially when the founder had talks with them and realized their pains, he wanted to alleviate their pains and struggles and frustrations. Many of our clients have flourished after Jabali Eng was brought in to help them out. The engineering gave them an advantage over their competition. 

Our very foundation is to do good work, honestly, and with the highest work ethic. We believe that we must be, not just good, but very good at what we do and provide an excellent final product.

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